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Searching for Nothing, Finding a Surprise

Search engines are a fact of daily life for most of the population nowadays. Google (sub your preferred provider) is an extension of the brain, imagined as giving you access to the sum of the world's information at the click of a button. But a search engine isn't just a Ctrl-F for the internet with a nice interface and ads; rather it's a tremendously complicated system with lots of features and interactions between those features. And all you need to explore the system yourself is some well-tuned search queries.

Drinking From the (Musical) Firehose on YouTube

YouTube provides a great experience for music discovery, but sometimes it's nice to break out of your filter bubble and be the first ever person to listen to a brand new song.

No, California Is Not Going to Take Your Generator Away

It's time to read the docs and learn what the law really says, before getting in a huff about your generator losing its puff.

Defective by Design: Reflected Attacks on Email Privacy using DMARC

Email privacy is dead, confirmed for the umpteenth time. In this post I present the SOILED-PRIVACY attacks (Systemic Online Information Leakage using Email+DMARC against Privacy). These are two reflected attacks against email infrastructure allowing an attacker to access private knowledge about a target user, transparent to mail forwarding, mailing lists, and web services.

Wayland is Almost There

I finally break down and install wayland on my desktop at home, using sway to replace i3. Things go OK, mostly.
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