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Drinking From the (Musical) Firehose on YouTube

YouTube provides a great experience for music discovery, but sometimes it's nice to break out of your filter bubble and be the first ever person to listen to a brand new song.

No, California Is Not Going to Take Your Generator Away

It's time to read the docs and learn what the law really says, before getting in a huff about your generator losing its puff.

Defective by Design: Reflected Attacks on Email Privacy using DMARC

Email privacy is dead, confirmed for the umpteenth time. In this post I present the SOILED-PRIVACY attacks (Systemic Online Information Leakage using Email+DMARC against Privacy). These are two reflected attacks against email infrastructure allowing an attacker to access private knowledge about a target user, transparent to mail forwarding, mailing lists, and web services.

Wayland is Almost There

I finally break down and install wayland on my desktop at home, using sway to replace i3. Things go OK, mostly.
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