This is a list of online services, that are probably better than the alternatives. This list is managed by bearbin, and please contact for additions or corrections. I use almost all of these services myself, although there are a few that I do not so I can vouch for the reliability and quality of the service.

I have included affiliate links for some services, although if you don't want to support the creation and maintenace of this list, you can click the "[noaff]" links instead. For some services, eg Coinbase [noaff], using an affiliate link gives you a bonus (in the case of Coinbase, $5 free if you purchase $100 of Bitcoin).

All entries are listed in alphabetical order. To be included in this list, services must:

Services should also stand up for their users if something goes wrong, although this is not essential to be included.

Table of Contents:

  1. Backup Services
  2. Bitcoin Exchanges
  3. Bitcoin Merchant Services
  4. Bitcoin Wallets
  5. CDN Services
  6. Domain Registration
  7. DNS Hosting
  8. DNS Resolution
  9. Email
  10. Email Sending
  11. Servers (dedicated)
  12. Servers (virtual)
  13. Web Hosting Services

Backup Services

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin Merchant Services

Bitcoin Wallets

CDN Services

Domain Registration

DNS Hosting

DNS Resolution


Note: I have not used any of these services, so please send me your comments to

Email Sending

Servers (dedicated)

Servers (virtual)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's extremely hard to find a perfect virtual server provider, but these are the best there are IMO.

Web Hosting Services